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About Me ^

I am located in Tampa, FL and have been involved with cheerleading since 1995. Having cheered in high school (Coconut Creek High School), college (South Florida and Kentucky), I know the dynamics of a cheer and dance routine. In addition to being a 20-year UCA instructor and V!ROC Choreographer, I am also the current University of South Florida All-girl assistant coach and one of the coaches for the USA National Cheer Team. I work with numerous high school, college and all-star cheerleading programs throughout the year.

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Music Mixing Services

The right high energy music, sound effects, and voiceovers can make your routine come to life. Today, most cheerleading music sounds the same, but I work with you through email to get your mix sounding the way you want it with no random sound effects or voiceovers where you don't want them. In this technology age where many coaches do not know how to piece together or start and stop songs on their own, Clarke Specialties is happy to provide a service for you and help you with this.  

Voice-Over Services

Email me at for your voice-over needs. Prices vary depending on the length of your voice-overs/rap.

Music Mixing Prices

3 Edits
5 Edits
Unlimited Edits
1:15 - Home Pom
1:30 - High School
1:45 - College
2:00 - Dance
2:15 - NCA College
2:30 - High School
2:30 - All-star

All Price DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of Songs/Rights!

How I Work

  1. Create an 8-count sheet for your routine.


    1:30 Downloadable 8-Count Sheet

    2:30 Downloadable 8-Count Sheet

    Then email your completed 8-count sheet to
    You can be as specific as you'd like with what voiceovers you want in your routine and where you want them.
  2. Use this website link below to purchase the songs you would like for your routine.

    Click Here for a PDF of the Unleash the Beats Process

  3. Once you receive your mix, I'll send you an invoice for payment. I want you, "the customer," to be completely happy with your mix. As a coach, I understand that your routine will change throughout the season. Therefore, sound effects will have to be moved or adjusted. Keep your original 8-count sheet and send me the edits/changes and I will get them done in a timely manner.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or 813.240.4045